Posted by Tanya at Lucky Bamboo Shop on 9th Aug 2018

Oh no!  No one wants those spider mites!  Those "so tiny you can't even see them" creatures can eat away at your plants without you even knowing it.  So, what do you do??!!

Try this - it works!  Fill a spray bottle with water and add three to four drops of liquid dishwashing detergent.  Gently swish the water around so that the soap dissolves but NOT to where you are getting foamy bubbles.  You want the water to be as free of foamy bubbles as possible.  Then spray away.  Make sure to spray both sides of the leaves.  The plants will love you for this.  It kills spider mites, those microscopic critters that you can't see and even mold and mildew.  In a day or two you will see happy plants.

We use this on our plants at the Lucky Bamboo facility.  No need to purchase expensive sprays that don't seem to do the job anyway.  The soap water works.

Have a great bug-free day.