Can these plants be shipped during really hot or cold weather?


         If the plants may not survive, we do not ship. Dead plants are not fun. We take precautions to make sure the plants get through with minimum problems. 

          In warm weather, plenty of moisture is provided to the plants for shipping.  The plants roots are wrapped in an absorbent material and plastic bag. As lucky bamboo can take in water through the stem, it is important to keep the stem moist. Some roots maybe lost during shipping in very hot weather, but if the stem is okay the plant can replace them.

           In the winter we also use heat packs when the temperatures are extreme.  After years of shipping these plants we know what temperatures are safe and which are not.  We watch the weather reports and will inform customers of shipping delays if the temperatures get to extremes that prohibit shipping.  We found that customers would prefer that the package be delayed rather than have it arrive damaged or dead. 

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Thanks Lucky Bamboo Shop staff