Event Favor planning made easy



Preparing Your Event Favors

  • Order ahead and allow plenty of time before your event. Remember that the Lucky Bamboo Shop only ships on Mondays and Tuesdays to avoid having plants sit in a warehouse or truck over the weekend.
  • Having your plants on hand well before your event means that they will have the time to grow fuller foliage.
  • Vases and pebbles may be shipped separately from plants and generally will arrive earlier.
  • When the bamboo plants arrive you want to remove them from the package as soon as they are delivered.  Carefully unwrap the plants.  The damp cloth on the roots is used to keep roots wet during shipment.  The damp cloth needs to be removed. The stems will be bundled together.  You can keep them in their bundles until actually ready to set up the individual arrangements.
  • Set the plants (bundles) up-right in a bucket or container that can hold enough water to cover the roots.  The water level should be high enough to keep all roots wet at all times. Bottled or filtered water is recommended.  Storage bins, pots or buckets will work for storing the plants.
  • Set the plants in a sunlit room but out of the exposure of the direct sun. Lucky Bamboo does not like direct sun light.  To give them an extra boost you can give them a little fertilizer.  Only use fertilizers made specifically for water-based plants (Green Green).  Add five to six drops to a quart of water and then use this water whenever you water the plants. 
  • Now, set your plants in a secluded corner and they will happily wait until you are ready for them.


This is the time you might want to have a Lucky Bamboo Party!  Assembly day is when the fun begins.

  • Wipe out the vases or containers.
  • Set the stalk(s) in the vase and add the pebbles, filling them to a level that looks good to you.  Rocks and pebbles are for decorative purposes and to help stabilize the plant.  There is no required depth of pebbles.
  • Then add water and you are done.  (Again, use filtered or bottled water.)  Tap water can be used if allowed to sit for two days to allow the chlorine level to drop.  You may find it more convenient to set the favors in place on the tables and then add the water.
  • Become imaginative.  Add your own special touch with ribbons, confetti, figurines, stickers, etc.
  • You are now at the point where you are ready to watch the delight of your guests as they receive their unique and long lasting gifts.
  • Provide plastic bags and rubber bands so your guests can wrap the lucky bamboo to transport them home. A container where the water can be poured out would be helpful.