Fertilizer and lucky bamboo

Fertilizing Lucky Bamboo

Why does lucky bamboo require so little fertilizer?

          Lucky Bamboo has a safe mode where the plant sifts into a sort of suspended animation. During this stage, little growth occurs and the demand for food through photosynthesis is greatly reduced.

            The main requirement is for nitrogen. Lucky Bamboo takes this nutriment in through water. Nitrogen comprises 78 % of the air we breathe and is water soluble. By frequently changing the water, you give new nitrogen to the plant. Give the water a good shaking before pouring and a higher percentage is placed in the water. If you really want to give your lucky bamboo a shot, run the water through the blender. The oxygen level is also increased.

           No fertilizer would ever be needed unless you wanted to spur new growth in the plant or for one other reason that can cause problems, trace elements. These elements exist in very small quantities just about everywhere and most times just changing the water will be enough to keep lucky bamboo happy. But if one or more is missing, a whole lot of problems suddenly appear and look a lot like those caused by other more common things.

            Two of these elements are iron and magnesium. You have heard of iron poor blood. Iron poor water does the same for lucky bamboo. The lack of iron or magnesium turns lucky bamboo yellow. We recommend using tap water that has been set out because these trace elements usually are in the water. Where they are not enough present or in cases where distilled water is used, a fertilizer with trace elements and as a bonus some vitamins is recommended, but only at about one tenth that recommended for house plants. Usually several drops of liquid fertilizer, like Green Green, in a gallon of water will be enough. More, but not very much, would be required if new growth is wanted.