Fungi and slime mold are growing in my vase.


          We have not had to experience any kind of fungus on our lucky bamboo because it comes to us in Grade A conditions and we go to the extreme to maintain those conditions.  Visitors to our site wanting help with this problem have almost always purchased their plants from a grocery store or large box stores.  But any lucky bamboo kept in a swamp will develop swamp things. Fungus and slime mold are the most frequent, but fly larvae and other creatures will show up later. This why the water needs to be changed and everything washed periodically. 

          The vase and filler will have to be washed in hot water and soap. The vase maybe put in a dishwasher if dishwasher safe. Some fillers, rock and glass may be boiled to sanitize them. If there is a doubt whether they can be made clean, replace them. 

         The plants should be washed in a solution of mild dish soap and warm water. Let the plants sit in the soapy mixture for a while. the plants will not mind and will enjoy it. Keep giving the plants the bath for four to five days or until there is no slimy feel to the plants.   Wait a week and if it still shows signs of fungus or slime mold repeat the baths. Usually only one or two washings are necessary, but we have seen pictures of terrifying swamps and the lucky bamboo survived. 

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Thanks Lucky Bamboo Shop staff