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Lotus Bamboo

Caring for Lotus Bamboo

Dracaena compacta
Lotus bamboo is also known as rose bamboo or flower bamboo. It is so named because its leaf bracts resemble lotus flowers. Maintain the stems in a vase with 2 inches of clean water and a few drops of Green Green fertilizer. Care for lotus bamboo is very similar to lucky bamboo except that it likes slightly more light and fertilizer. There is more detailed information on our Lotus Bamboo Care Sheet (PDF) included with every order.

Water for Lucky Bamboo and Lotus Bamboo
Tap water is sufficient if chlorine levels are low. It is best if you leave a pitcher of tap water sitting out overnight to let the chlorine evaporate before watering your plant the next day. Unfortunately, fluoride does not evaporate and it is toxic to Dracaena plants. If fluoride levels are high in your tap water, it is recommended that you use a non-fluoridated water source such as bottled water.