My cat ate my bamboo!

          My cat ate my bamboo!  Is the plant going to survive?  Is my cat OK?

        Sorry about your plant...We don't know why cats are so fond of the lucky bamboo, but they certainly are. Using sharp scissors  trim back the eaten leaves.  This will help the plant to grow new ones.   We also suggest that you give the plant a small amount of fertilizer if you aren't already doing so, as this helps them to recover faster.

         As far as your kitty, you will need to keep an eye on him.  We've had most everyone tell us that it didn't affect their cat.  We have also had a handful of people tell us that their cat became extremely ill.  Lucky Bamboo does not appear on the ASPCA's list of plants that are considered toxic for animals but to be sure you could contact your vet.


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Thanks Lucky Bamboo Shop staff