My lucky bamboo is planted in soil but appears to be dying. Help!


          The very first thing you want to do is to get your plant out of the soil.  Rinse it off and put it directly into purified spring or bottled water.  Don't add rocks.  The plant needs all the help it can get to find its water source without having interference.  Lucky Bamboo grows naturally in standing water.  It is not use to soil and the soil can clog the pores it uses to soak in water.  The plant may be in shock due to not being able to get it's nutrient source.  It helps it if you give the plant a bath.  Fill a tub or sink full of lukewarm water and lay the plant in the water to cleanse, hydrate and acclimatize the plant.  Inspect the roots.  If they are white or orange they are healthy.  If they are gray or black you have some root rot.  Use your fingernails or a small tweezers to remove the bad roots.  Then put the plant in a clear vase with just water so that you can keep an eye on how the roots are progressing.  Continue to pick out black or gray roots. A Lucky bamboo fertilizer will help to speed up the healing process but stop using regular plant fertilizer for houseplants. Lucky bamboo needs little fertilizer and regular fertilizer is too strong.


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Thanks Lucky Bamboo Shop staff