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Plant Care Instructions

All our shipments contain care instructions, but we are frequently asked by visitors to our website about lucky bamboo care. In response, we've compiled a list of care instructions for the various plants we offer. If you have a special concern, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions which contain answers to actual questions we've received from customers via email.

Lucky Bamboo Care

Lucky bamboo or Dracaena sanderiana, is the easiest plant to care for we've ever seen. It grows in water, tolerates low light, and rarely requires feeding or maintenance.

Read more: Lucky Bamboo Care Instructions


Lotus Bamboo Care

Lotus bamboo or rose bamboo is also from the Dracaena family — it is Dracaena compacta. It also grows in water like lucky bamboo but requires slightly brighter light and more fertilizer. This fleshy plant occasionally sheds it's lowest leaves to conserve energy for producing new ones.

Read more: Lotus Bamboo Care Instructions

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Caring for a Money Tree

Money trees or Pachira aquatica grow quickly and are known for their five 'fingered' leaves. They require bright light but very little water.

Read more: Caring for a Money Tree


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