Stalks are yellow while the leaves green


          The help for this is not good. Depending on the extent, some of the green part maybe saved, but we need to be concerned with saving the rest of the arrangement.

           When the stalk turns yellow the plant is most likely going to die.  If the dead stalk is part of an arrangement you want to get it out of the arrangement right away before it affects the other plants. 

  1. The most common cause of yellow stems is caused by it drying out from too little water.  Even if the water level was low for only a day this can cause the 'pores' that suck up water to dry out and harden up so that even when more water is added, they are unable to suck it up.
  2. Extreme changes in the temperature will affect the plant.  When the plant gets too cold the 'pores' shrink and they cannot suck up water.  Lucky bamboo should stay above 65 degrees.  Also, avoid adding cold water when watering the plant.  Use lukewarm or room temperature water to keep it happy.  It helps to keep the lucky bamboo away from the air conditioning system.
  3. Water is another reason for the yellowing stalk, toxic water, that is.  The chemicals from chemically treated tap water will build up over time and strangle the roots so that they are clogged. Use room temperature filtered or bottled water for best results.
  4. Fertilizers can be another source of the problem. Fertilizers used for plants that grow in dirt are far too strong for the lucky bamboo.  The roots of the plants potted in dirt pull in the nutrients they need while having to contend with the dirt, so the fertilizer is purposely made strong.  The lucky bamboo is used to pulling its needed nutrients out of the water.  It is like an open sieve and the dirt-based fertilizers are an over dosing in massive quantities. Use only the fertilizers made specifically for water-based plants.  Super  Green is the fertilizer we recommend by choice.


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