Vase fillers and Lucky Bamboo

All About Vase Fillers for Lucky Bamboo

What are vase fillers and what are they used for?

          Vase fillers are used to stabilize lucky bamboo plants in a vase. Where you want the plants to stand straight up and not lean against the sides of the vase, you use add vase filler to the vase. Any firm material can be used and some are beautiful and unique.

          Sounds simple doesn’t it? Hold on! There are several things you should consider in selecting your vase filler. Not everything sold as vase fillers or collected can be used with lucky bamboo plants. You may wind up with a spectacular vase, but the lucky bamboo is dead. Not good!


What makes good vase filler for lucky bamboo?

          Completely ignoring the obvious, that vase filler should look spectacular or absolutely unique; there are three things that you should consider in choosing vase filler. The filler must be stable, easy to keep clean, and they do not kill the plant.

           Since we want the filler to hold the plant up, we would not want the filler to crumble into dust or in this case mud. But there are other characteristics of stable we need. Over the long term the filler cannot cause discoloration of the water or release of chemical components that combine to form terrible looking crusts or slime. If the filler you like is not labeled for live plants, test by leaving in water till you are relatively sure it is not going to come apart on you.

          Unless you are planning to replace the filler in another grand design in the near future, the filler should be easy to wash, both to keep down growth of microbes and restore the fillers good looks. Filler with a hard smooth surface is easy to clean. Polished rock, glass and acrylics are favored because of this and the added benefit that they can be boiled if your arrangement becomes infected. This is a great thing if you are one of those people, like me, who tends to let the water become just a little stagnate before I notice that it needs changing.

        Of course, there are many other types of filler that are not smooth, that can make exceptional fillers. Aquarium sand and ceramic seashells are examples. In fact, just about everything found in a fish aquarium store can make a unique vase filler. If it doesn’t kill the fish, it probably won’t kill lucky bamboo.

           For the most parts, we rely upon florists for vase fillers for live plants. Their selection is not as varied as most of us would like, but lucky bamboo is safe in all fillers that do not kill other plants and in some that will. It is good to be tough!

           The next favorite place for vase fillers is the hobby store. My! What a selection and let your imagination run wild and there are latterly thousands of unique vase fillers that no one has ever thought of. Just remember that most of these fillers are designed for plastic or old dead dried plants. Take a little care with these. Test by soaking in water and check for stability by boiling. If it’s going to crumble or discharge something, boiling speeds up the process. Sometimes a small sacrifice, say a four inches, may save a larger arrangement. Remember that lucky bamboo are tough and can take a lot before they show stress, make sure that the test period is long enough to be a good test.