What kind of water should I give my lucky bamboo?


          Spring water is good.  Distilled or bottled also works.  If the chlorine or fluoride level is not excessively high and the mineral content is low than you can use the tap water by running the water into a container and allowing the water to sit for two days uncovered.  This allows the chemicals to dissipate into the air.  You can test this for yourself and see what a big difference it makes.  Taste the water before and after.  You'll know one from the other.

           Because lucky bamboo gets its nourishment from the water, some water, particularly distilled water, must be supplemented with fertilizer. A couple drops is all that is necessary. See plant care on fertilizers.

          Water with a high mineral content, hard water,should be avoided. Lucky bamboo will survive on hard water for a time, but eventually the minerals build up and will kill it.  People with hard water can see it on their glasses. The build up on the glass is what that is happening to the lucky bamboo. When encased in calcium, lucky bamboo can not get water even if they are sitting in it.


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Thanks Lucky Bamboo Shop staff