Wholesale Inquiries

Wholesale Application

          If you have already register with us, you need to re-register with a different User Name and Password for the Wholesale account. This will allow you to see the wholesale pricing that retail customers can not see. You can now order directly through our site with current pricing and in stock items or you can request a wholesale sheet as before.

How to register.

1. At the top right hand column, next to the "Log In" button, click on the word "Register".

2. A form will appear. Fill out all of the information, including Company Name. Note your User Name and Password.  These will be your only way to log in to the wholesale account.

3. Check the box agreeing to terms of service. (Your application will not be accepted if this box is not checked.)

4. Check the "Submit" button.

5. Either call us at 877-410-0860 or Email us using the "Contact Us" button. Provide us  with your Company Name, Email address, business sales tax license number and the User Name you used to register on our site.

           Upon approval of your application you will then receive an Email from us letting you know that you can now log in as a wholesale customer using your User Name and Password.


           Our high-quality lucky bamboo is rated Grade A in the industry because we have the best professional growers in Taiwan, those using highly controlled growing environments. As a result our growers achieve thicker, greener lucky bamboo stalks.  Specialty plants are grown in China, Taiwan and Thailand.


          Shipping costs will vary depending on the size of the order.  Box dimensions are kept to a minimum size, as much as possible, to avoid additional dimensional size restriction charges.


Things beyond our control which we can not be held responsible for include;

  • Plants left outside after delivery in extreme weather conditions
  • Shipments misplaced after delivery
  • Cutting bamboo shoots.  Lucky bamboo shoots are pre-cut and can be re-cut only at the owner's risk
  • Insufficient water for the plants or use of chemically treated water
  • The use of improper or excessive plant food.

Exchanges and Replacements 

          We stand behind our products.  We guarantee that your plants will arrive in good condition or we will exchange them at no cost.  All boxes carry insurance in case of loss or breakage.  Be sure to contact us within 24 hours of receiving your order so that we are able to file an insurance claim and subsequently make the exchange.  Notify us promptly of shortages, missing items, incorrect items, damage to plants or damage to containers. We will request photographs of damaged goods to use in the claims. Returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee.  Original shipping, handling charges, return shipping costs and restocking fees are not refundable.

            We reserve the right to remove anyone from the Wholesale list not complying with minimum standards or meeting wholesaler descriptions.