Yellow Leaves on Lucky Bamboo

Yellow Lucky Bamboo Leaves

There are three things that usually cause Lucky bamboo leaves to turn yellow.

  1. Too much or too little sun. If your Lucky Bamboo is in full sun reduce the amount of exposure by moving it to a shaded area. Do the opposite if it is in a darker area or provide additional light. Fluorescent lights work or grow lights.

  2. Not enough fertilizer or too much. It is rare that the problem is under fertilization. If you are using only distilled water trace elements like iron or magnesium may be missing. Apply a small amount of house plant fertilizer. Small amount as in one tenth or less of the recommended amount. Over dosing of fertilizer, is usually the problem because the Lucky Bamboo requires so little. If you are using fertilizer, stop. Wash the plant, the vase and filler with a mild hand dishwashing soap and rinse well to get rid of any fertilizer residue. Change the water every day for the next 3 or 4 days using distilled water to leach out as much of the fertilizer from the plant as possible.

  3. Something that upsets the Lucky Bamboo’s natural growing environment. The adaptability of the Lucky Bamboo is very high for a house plant. If the plant has existed in its present location for a while, look for something that has changed. That may be the problem. Change it back. Take steps to change the plants environment toward these limits. Not all of these limits must be met, but a change will be necessary.

                                         Temperature above 65 degrees. Watch low water temperatures.

                                         High Humidity. Above 50 or higher.

                                         Plenty of clean water without added chloride, fluoride, or hard water minerals.

         Yellow parts of leaves will not turn green again. It is best to trim the yellow parts to prevent it spreading to the rest of the leaf and give you a reference to whether the steps you have taken are working. If the yellow is only part of the leaf, take a sharp clean scissors and trim at a diagonal through the green part of the leaf. If the whole or most of the leaf is yellow remove it close to the stem.