All About the Lucky Bamboo Shop

All About Us - The Lucky Bamboo Shop

          Lucky Bamboo Shop was started in 2000.  We currently ship out of California and Colorado.  Through years of in-the-trenches experience we have acquired a goldmine of knowledge that we can pass on to our customers.  If you have a unique concept in mind we enjoy the challenge of helping you make that idea become a reality by finding just the right type of lucky bamboo for the project.  Nothing makes our day as much as receiving a happy email or phone call from a pleased customer - and we have a wealth of wonderful customers.  Check out our Customer section. 

          Our high-quality lucky bamboo is rated Grade A in the industry.   We searched throughout the entire region where lucky bamboo is grown to find  those growers with the highest of standards.  We wanted the best and we found them!  Beware of inferior products that can be found in chain stores.  When the lucky bamboo is grown in massive units for nationwide distribution it is not uncommon for them to develop bugs and disease.  Our plants are carefully grown in conditions where each growing phase of the plant is carefully monitored. Our lucky bamboo is healthy, vibrant and infection free.  We want the best so that you can rest assured of having the highest of quality.