Number Two -  Twined, Good in pairs, doubled as in Double Happiness

  •  Spiral Lucky Bamboo Arrangement - Hugs and Kisses in Red

    Hugs & Kisses -in Red - lucky bamboo

    Hugs and Kisses in Red  Hugs and Kisses is a special lucky bamboo arrangement. It can take on so many different meanings depending upon the relationship between the giver and the receiver. In any case this special Hugs and Kisses in Red...

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  • Lucky Bamboo Arrangement - Wrapped Around My Heart - in Flames

    Wrapped Around My Heart - In Flames - lucky bamboo

    Wrapped Around My Heart - In Flames Chinese meaning for two is double or twining.  Wrapped arrangement embraces both meanings, as one wrapped around the other. A arrangement symbolizing 'love' set in a  base of red gems. One 10" spiral lucky...

  • Together - lucky bamboo arrangement

    Together - lucky bamboo arrangement

     Together - lucky bamboo arrangement Perfect in the traditional meaning of the number two, Together signifies the close interaction of two people inseparable by love for one another. Two hearts are joined together to form one union from two. The...