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  • Lucky Bamboo Arrangement - Heart's Tower in white

    Hearts Tower - lucky bamboo OUT OF STOCK

    Hearts Tower The Hearts Tower Arrangement was suggested by one of Lucky Bamboo Shop's customers and we 're glad she did. We made one for her and decided everyone should have a chance to own one. The Hearts Tower is based on the classic three tier tower...

    $48.00 $41.00
  • Double 8 Cane Trellis Without Vase - Lucky Bamboo Double 8 Cane Trellis Without Vase

    Double 8 Cane Trellis Without Vase

    Double 8 Cane Trellis without Vase Here is your opportunity to have your own double trellis at a great price. Perfect if you have your own vase or one much prettier than our vases. With this special, we will send you just the trellis at a special price...

  • Only You - Formal - Lucky Bamboo Arrangement

    Only You - Formal - lucky bamboo

    Only You - Formal   A serene and sexy sort of something. An elegant arrangement made up of a lofty 12", a 8" lucky bamboo and the 10" spiral lucky bamboo stalk. An arrangement that communicates an understated message in its classic 3" glass vase...

    $35.95 $29.45
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  • Together - lucky bamboo arrangement

    Together - lucky bamboo arrangement

     Together - lucky bamboo arrangement Perfect in the traditional meaning of the number two, Together signifies the close interaction of two people inseparable by love for one another. Two hearts are joined together to form one union from two. The...

  • Only You - Naturally - Lucky Bamboo Arrangement

    Only You - Naturally - lucky bamboo

    Only You - Naturally   In Chinese symbolic meanings, three is a way of wishing happiness and good luck for new things or beginning in life, to a group or that special one. An elegant combination of lucky bamboo communicates a message of...

    $35.95 $29.45
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  • Lucky Bamboo Arrangement - Castle Keep

    Castle Keep - lucky bamboo

    Castle Keep A fortress of strength, beauty and romance. Eight tall and lofty lucky bamboo straights make up the inner tower surrounded by twelve 4" straights for fortification. Comes in a large 6" Dia. x 3" high ceramic vase with medium size polished...

    $42.45 $36.95
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  • All My Love - Mystery - lucky bamboo arrangement

    All My Love - Mystery - lucky bamboo

    All My Love - Mystery Four 8" lucky bamboo hearts sing out 'All My Love.' The hearts make your message clear - there is a magic mystery to your love. Arrangement comes in a 3" clear glass cube vase. Black river rock reveals your love as solid and...

    $35.95 $29.45
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