Number Three - Luck in new beginnings, happiness and success to a individual or a group, Success in a new adventure.

  • Spring - Lucky Bamboo Arrangement Spring - Lucky Bamboo Arrangement


    Awakening Winter is over at last. The birds are singing. Flowers are blooming. It is bright and the sun is shining.  I am feeling good and our new “Awakening “ arrangement catches the feeling with  brand new leaves and a butterfly...

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  •  Lucky Bamboo Arrangement - A New Day

    A New Day - lucky bamboo arrangement

    A New Day With the sky blue glass gems reflecting any light like the first rays of a dawn and the spirals searching leaves, it is easy to see where this arrangement got its name. There is some thing always fresh about lucky bamboo. Maybe it is that it...

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  • Spiral  Lucky Bamboo Arrangement - Spring Time

    Spring Time - lucky bamboo arrangement

    Spring Time!!! The Chinese number three is similar to the word for birth and often associated with new things or beginnings. Traditionally, three is used to wish good luck in a new adventure. Just the sound brings thoughts of bird songs, new...

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  •  Anticipation - Lucky Bamboo Arrangement  Anticipation - Lucky Bamboo Arrangement

    Anticipation - lucky bamboo

    Anticipation the number three is often associated with with the relationship of Heaven, Earth and Human Beings. Three very unpredictable things but usually good things. Remember when you were a kid and something new and wonderful was about to happen! ....

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  • Lucky Bamboo Arrangement - Ecstasy

    Ecstasy in Glass - lucky bamboo

    ECSTASY!!! Chinese associate the number three with new things. This arrangement brings that excitement of the new. Sparks of energy to light up the ecstasy! Three long slender 12" spiral lucky bamboos set in a 3" cube glass vase with black pebbles...

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  • Only You - Naturally - Lucky Bamboo Arrangement

    Only You - Naturally - lucky bamboo

    Only You - Naturally   In Chinese symbolic meanings, three is a way of wishing happiness and good luck for new things or beginning in life, to a group or that special one. An elegant combination of lucky bamboo communicates a message of...

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  • Lucky Bamboo Arrangement - Only You - on Fire

    Only You - On Fire - lucky bamboo

    Only You - On Fire  Three stalks relay good wishes upon a new beginning and the bright red gems imply determination and desire for success. A special something for that one and only one in your life. The tall lofty 12" straight is surrounded by a...

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  • Only You - Formal - Lucky Bamboo Arrangement

    Only You - Formal - lucky bamboo

    Only You - Formal   A serene and sexy sort of something. An elegant arrangement made up of a lofty 12", a 8" lucky bamboo and the 10" spiral lucky bamboo stalk. An arrangement that communicates an understated message in its classic 3" glass vase...

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