Number five -  Peace, Balance, Congratulations, Accomplishment, Completion of a goal

  • Chaos - Spiral Lucky Bamboo arrangement Chaos - Spiral Lucky Bamboo arrangement

    Chaos - Lucky Bamboo Arrangement

    Chaos There maybe good in Chaos. Not the human related kind, but Chaos in nature. Where else can chaos be resting, innovative and plain beautiful. Lucky Bamboo spirals each go their own way. Each stalk moves in different ways and where the buds may...

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  • Lucky Bamboo Arrangement - Special One

    Special One - lucky bamboo

    Special One - lucky bamboo arrangement To the Chinese the number five is closely associated with the five basic elements of life, water, fire, earth, wood and metal. A person in balance with these elements is indeed special. Five represents  a...

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  • Lucky Bamboo Arrangement - Dare to Soar

    Dare To Soar - lucky bamboo

    Dare To Soar OHHHHH! What an eye-catcher!! For a plant that dares to make a statement this one dares to soar above the clouds. This arrangement exemplifies uniqueness and individuality. The 4", 6" and 8" straights are accentuated by the tall 14-16"...

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  • Lucky Bamboo Arrangement - Lucky Family

    Lucky Bamboo Family

    The five lucky bamboo stems of 4", 6" and 8" tightly grouped together form a family of bamboo. The family is the center of life. They grow together. They support each other and each helps the others to grow strong and beautiful. This Lucky Family will...

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  • Lucky Bamboo Arrangement - Black Forest

    Black Forest - lucky bamboo

    Black Forest   Solid with its thick glass vase and black polished river rock, this lucky bamboo forest is a calm, pleasing, attention getter! Some of the tranquility of the forest is shared in this arrangement. Placed on a desk, you can watch...

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