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Lucky Bamboo Shop carries more unique arrangements than any other site and they change with the seasons. To help you find just that right lucky bamboo arrangement, we have sorted all arrangements by Price and Size.



  • Dream Weaver Lucky Bamboo Arrangement

    Dream Weaver Lucky Bamboo Arrangement

    Dream Weaver What does lucky bamboo have to do with dreams? A LOT!!! One's existance is not worth much without a dream. Especially to the unexperienced, dreams are the motivation that builds their world and with the experience of striving for their...

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  • Spiral 8 Cane Trellis

    Spiral 8 Cane Trellis Created by some of the most talented artisans, the trellis design consists of 8 select lucky bamboo stalks and weaved into a precise pattern. The trellis graced many dynasty palaces. While most of the dynasties faded in history,...

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  • New Expectations - Spiral Lucky Bamboo Arrangement

    New Expectations Lucky Bamboo Arrangement

    New Expectations A life without change, is lifeless. Only with change can one truly have something to look forward to, the excitement, the newness, the challenge. Look upon changes as a gift, because only then may you have New Expectations.Our New...

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  • 3 Bundle Lucky Bamboo  Arrangement

    3 Bundle Lucky Bamboo Arrangement

    Three.     The sound of the word 'three' in Chinese is similar to birth or life and often associated with new things or new beginnings. The number three is often related to Heaven, Earth and Human Beings.  It is used to signify a group or...

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  • Ecstasy - Lucky Bamboo Arrangement

    Ecstasy - lucky bamboo arrangement

    To the Chinese, three means Happiness. Then this arrangement must be ECSTASY!!!            Sparks of energy to light up the ecstasy!  This live lucky bamboo plant arrangement is perfect for any home decor, Feng...

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