Number four -  Usually for death, but also for the four primary criteria of Chinese life, benevolence, courtesy, wisdom, and righteousness.

  • All My Love - in Red - Lucky Bamboo Arrangement

    All My Love - Red - lucky bamboo

    All My Love  - in Red Whether you can be there or not, you can send your love. This alluring lucky bamboo arrangement that sends all your love in RED! The four 8" lucky bamboo hearts say 'love', .... and the eye-catching glimmering ruby red...

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  • Lucky Bamboo Arrangement - All My Love - Blue

    All My Love - Blue - lucky bamboo

    All My Love -Blue Four heart shaped lucky bamboo probably gets the idea across that love is some how involved with this arrangement. Of Course the unique sky blue color of the glass gems make this arrangement special.  The vase is a heavy bottom 3...

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