The following are questions that we have received from our visitors along with the responses.  

(For additional information on how to care for your lucky bamboo see our Care Instruction section.)


I received a lucky bamboo arrangement as a gift. The vase does not go with my decor, can I change the vase?

You talk about lucky bamboo 'stems' and 'stalks'  are they interchangeable?

Are lucky bamboo plants difficult to care for? 

The leaves on my plant have turned yellow (brown).  Is that normal?

The stalk of my plant are yellow while the leaves are still green.  Can it be saved? 

How do I remove the lucky bamboo plant that is yellow from the rest of the arrangement?

My lucky bamboo has been doing great then, without any warning, it just seems to be sick.  What should I do? 

My lucky bamboo is planted in soil but appears to be dying.  Help! 

How much water should I give my Lucky Bamboo?

I am going on vacation. What do I do for my lucky bamboo? 

How do I change out the water? and when? 

My lucky bamboo is growing new shoots but the stalk remains the same.  Why isn't the stalk growing?

Can I transplant the lucky bamboo arrangement? 

Should I trim the roots and how? 

My cat ate my bamboo!  Is the plant going to survive?  Is my cat ok?

What kind of water should I give my lucky bamboo? 

How much water do they need?

Can I form a new plant from a shoot? 

There is a clear jello type substance forming on the roots.  What is this? 

Does the arrangement come assembled? 

How are the arrangements packaged.  Is there a lot of assembly required? 

Can these plants be shipped during really hot or cold weather? 

Is the packing slip and pricing included in the box? 

Are the plants guaranteed? 

Is there any way to make the plants grow faster? 

My soil-based household plants sometimes get bugs.  Do lucky bamboo ever do that? 

If my plant develops a fungus what should I do?


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Thanks Lucky Bamboo Shop staff