Plant Care for Lucky Bamboo

Caring for Lucky Bamboo

Dracaena sanderiana
          Lucky bamboo is happy to grow without soil in a few inches of water. It prefers moderate or indirect light; avoid direct sun which will scorch the leaves. Temperatures should be between 65–95° F. Fresh, clean water is essential to maintain the plants and the roots should always be wet or moist. Replenish the vase with fresh water every 7–10 days. Feeding every 3–4 weeks with liquid fertilizer is sufficient. There is more detailed information on our Lucky Bamboo Care Sheet (PDF) included with each order.

Watering Lucky Bamboo
          Tap water is sufficient if chlorine levels are low. It is best if you leave a pitcher of tap water sitting out overnight to let the chlorine evaporate before watering your lucky bamboo plant the next day. Unfortunately, fluoride does not evaporate and it is toxic to Dracaena plants. If fluoride levels are high in your tap water, it is recommended that you use a non-fluoridated water source such as bottled water.

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