How to re pot Lucky Bamboo.

When to Re-pot Your Lucky Bamboo

            It is time to change the water for your lucky bamboo plant... but when you get the plant out of its container you find that you have a pot-shaped root system all knotted up and "root bound" at the bottom of your plant!  Take heart!  This is not at all unusual for mature lucky bamboo and, although it is quite an unexpected sight, don't worry, it is easily solved. This snarled mass of roots is usually seen first around the first year mark, but can happen sooner if you've been using a bamboo fertilizer or you have your lucky bamboo in its favorite environment (indirect, warm sunlight with fresh pure water and warmth)


           If you choose to simply re pot, all you need is a larger ceramic or glass pot than the one you currently have. Simply dump out the rocks, remove the lucky bamboo plant from its pot and place it into the new, freshly cleaned pot.    At this stage in the game you need to decide you want to re pot into a larger container (so the roots can grow outward) or trim the roots back a bit. Either route is typically fine although there are some pointers you should know. Add the rinsed rocks and fresh, purified room temperature water and you’re done!

           If you choose to trim the roots, remember a few things: 1) use sterile, sharp scissors, 2) leave at least 1 inch of roots, 3) replace water with pure, room temperature spring water and 4) consider a good lucky bamboo fertilizer to help with stimulation of the roots. (We sell Green Green which is the absolute best fertilizer we've found for lucky bamboo).

            Make sure to also give your lucky bamboo a little TLC in the process...plenty of indirect light and warmth, especially during the pruning process, will go a long way.

Good luck!