Shipping & Returns


Returns and Shipping


The purpose of the lucky bamboo is to bring smiles and warmth.  If your order is not correct or there is damage - let us know.  We guarantee your plants will arrive in good condition or we will exchange them.  If a problem is encountered call us at (877) 410-0860 or email us at within 24 hours of receiving your order.  We do not replace plants after two weeks from the date of delivery.


All boxes carry insurance in case of loss or breakage.  We need to hear from you within the 24 hours so that we are able to file an insurance claim and complete the subsequent exchange.  Notify us of shortages, missing items, incorrect items, damage to plants or damage to containers. Photographs of the damaged plant are required to verify claims.  Returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee.  Original shipping, handling charges, return shipping cost and restocking fees are not refundable.


We reserve the right to slightly modify the styles, colors, and/or sizes of containers, the decorative fill, and/or the bamboo stalks themselves without notice.  Pictures shown on the website can not be duplicated exactly.  Stem lengths and sprouts and leaves may be shorter or longer than depicted.  Please remember that since these are live plants, variations occur.  The number of stalks in prearranged towers may vary due to varying diameters of the stalks.




Orders are shipped out on Monday and Tuesdays for Thursday or Friday delivery.  We do not ship out later in the week to insure that our plants  never sit overnight in a shipping warehouse.  During extreme weather conditions we can use FedEx 2 Day air or may postpone the shipment if the weather conditions are at the point where the plants would not be safe traveling. Lucky Bamboo Shop reserves the right to delay shipments if temperatures anywhere along the shipping route are outside of safe conditions for the plants.  We constantly check weather reports to verify safe shipping conditions.


We do not ship plants outside of the United States due to Custom regulations. Orders for shipments outside of the U.S.A will be canceled.


Shipping Rates are calculated by weight of items ordered.  All orders are processed by real human beings and the shipping rates are checked with each order to verify accuracy of the rate charged.  If the shipping cost is not correct we will notify you via e-mail to readjust it to the correct amount.


Lucky Bamboo Shop is not held responsible for failing plants due to the following:


  • Plants allowed to sit outside in extreme temperatures after being delivered.
  • Packages lost or stolen after delivery or where no one is home to receive the package.  Once the package is reported as delivered by the carrier, Lucky Bamboo Shop is no longer responsible.  Packages are left a the door if no one is available to receive the package.
  • Incorrect Ship-To addresses provided to Lucky Bamboo Shop
  • Packages left sitting without opening them.  These are live plants and need to be opened, removed and set in water upon arrival.
  • Cutting of the stalks.  Stalks are precut and can only be re-cut at the customer's risk.
  • Not adding sufficient water to the plants
  • Inappropriate care of the plants


Order Cancellation Policy


You may call to cancel your order without penalty if canceled before the items have shipped.  We cannot accept cancellations once your order has shipped.  Orders refused at delivery will not be credited.


Fraudulent Charge-back Policy:  If you do not remember having placed an order with us, or the name on the statement does not look familiar to you (Lucky Bamboo Shop), please call us at (877) 410-0860 in order that we can work with you and your credit card provider regarding the charge.  Extensive research is required on our part to resolve charge-backs.  "Accidental"
 disputes consume a great deal of time spent unnecessarily.  We appreciate your concern for helping us to provide the best of service when it is needed.


Fraudulent Charges - Stolen Credit Card Purchases:  We log IP strings on all orders - any orders coming back as a charge-back due to fraudulent activities will be diligently pursued through your local jurisdiction for prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.  DO NOT place an order using someone else's credit care, even if you have their permission.  The name of the person ordering and the name on the credit card must be the same!