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Meaning of colors used to tie Lucky Bamboo

          The Chinese not only have meanings assigned to numbers, but colors have some ancient meanings that are carried forth to today’s China. Color meanings are used in conjunction with number meanings . Symbolic meaning of numbers and colors reinforce or imply added subtle nuances.

          The color of ties used with Lucky Bamboo are frequently chosen for their meanings and meant to convey a message or wish for fortune to the person receiving the Lucky Bamboo.

          Red is the most common color used. Red is a favorite color of the Chinese and for good reason. Red is the happy color. It symbolizes good fortune and joy. While a bride in the western world would select white, the Chinese bride could not think of being married in any other color but red. This happy couple would also expect a red envelope as a gift. A red envelope is the appropriate method of gifting money for it also that good fortune comes with it.

          The Chinese New Year would not exist without the color red. Not only there is the wish for good fortune and joy, but red is the symbol for one of the five element s – fire. Chinese love fireworks.

      Green has less explosive meanings. Health, prosperity, and harmony are the three primary meanings associated with green. Banks and restaurants usually have green in their color schemes. (Maybe a subliminal advertising) Gifts wrapped in green convey the wish for long life and growth. Of the five elements, green represents wood.

          Yellow (gold) is the most beautiful color. Everything of prestige is the color yellow. It was the color of the five legendary emperors of ancient China and the imperial color of the Ming and Qing dynasties. It is the color of heroes and honor, which is the exact opposite of the yellow of the west.

          Yellow is often combined with red to form a color scheme expressing great beauty and good fortune. Of the five elements, yellow is the symbol of the earth.

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